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How To Customize The Win+X Quick Link Menu

During the development of the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft decided to Introduce a new feature named Win+X Quick Link Menu, that contains shortcuts to a number of administrative tools and system functions. However, If you wish to rename or delete a given shortcut, or add additional Items to the menu, It cannot be done natively within Windows. As such, In this tutorial, I will show you how to customize the Win+X Quick Link Menu by using a third-party tool.

Before I make a start, here's what I'm referring to. When you press the Windows logo + X keys simultaneously on your keyboard, or right-click the Start button, the Win+X Quick Link Menu will appear as shown below.

As opposed to Individually navigating to each setting, everything Is available at your fingertips. However, unlike the Windows 10 Start menu, whereby you can add, rename and remove Items, It's not possible to do the same with the Win+X Quick Link Menu. Well, that Is, not until now.

I will demonstrate how to customize It, by using a neat little tool named Win+X Menu Editor, that can be downloaded from this reputable source or via the developer's website. The good thing about It, Is that It's a portable version, hence no need to Install It on your computer. So without further delay, let's get this tutorial started.

Step One:

Once you've downloaded Win+X Menu Editor, simply double-click the executable file, and the tool will launch as shown below. This displays all the shortcuts that are available In the Win+X Quick Link Menu.

Step Two:

I've right-clicked the Programs & Features shortcut and there are quite a number of options available, such as Remove, Add, Move Down, Move to Bottom and the list goes on. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will rename the shortcut, by clicking on that very (Rename) button.

Step Three:

A dialogue box has now executed, prompting to enter the new name. I've done exactly that, by naming It Windows 10 Tips Programs & Features. When you've applied yours, hit OK to finalize the process.

Step Four:

As you can see, the new name (as per above) has been applied. However, for the change to take effect In the Win+X Quick Link Menu, File Explorer must be restarted. You can do this using Task Manager, or simply click on the Restart Explorer button In the tool Itself as shown below.

Step Five:

I've now opened the Win+X Menu Editor by right-clicking on the Start button and as expected, my shortcut has been successfully renamed to Windows 10 Tips Programs & Features. Perfect! Of course, you can do the same with every other shortcut.

Step Six:

You can also add just about any Control Panel Item you like by clicking on Add a program, and then hitting Add a Control Panel Item via the drop-down menu.

Last Step:

From here, you can add All Control Panel Items, or simply choose your favorite ones Individually from the list. Don't forget to click the Select button.

Final Thoughts:

As you've most likely realized, the Win+X Menu Editor has the capacity to do a lot more than what I've demonstrated above, however It's way beyond the scope of this article to cover every facet that the tool entails. Be sure to take the time to navigate through every feature and option- you will not be disappointed. Where applicable, for a given change to take effect, remember to restart File Explorer.


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