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How To Change The Default Network Icon

We're all different to some degree In how we use, configure and customize the Windows 10 operating system. Based on our computing environment, the need to change desktop Icons from their default state to something that's clearly Identifiable, allows ease of use with the tasks at hand. Whilst this Is quite simple with normal Icons, It's not the same with the Network Icon. As such, In this tutorial, I will show you how to change the default Network Icon without the aid of third-party tools.

Before I make a start, here's what I'm referring to. Normally, when you want to change a Folder or shortcut Icon, you'd right-click It, select Properties > Change Icon. Let's try doing this with the Network Icon that's located on my desktop. I've right-clicked It, and selected Properties as shown below.

Rather than having the Change Icon button readily available, It's actually launched the Network and Sharing Center.

So how do you get to change the Network Icon, when the option to do so Is clearly not available? Well, I'm glad you've asked! It's quite a simple process, that's achieved via a feature named Desktop Icon Settings but If you're unaware of Its existence, you'd probably have a difficult time locating It. Let's see exactly how this Is done, by using my step-by-step tutorial.

Step One:

Firstly, open the Windows 10 Settings app, and then click on Personalization as shown below.

Step Two:

Next, to the left of the window, click on Themes and to the right of that, hit Desktop Icon settings.

Step Three:

The Desktop Icon Settings window will open, whereby the Network Icon can now be changed. Click on Network and then hit the Change Icon button.

Step Four:

Navigate and select your preferred Icon and when you're done, click OK. For the purpose of this tutorial, I've selected a Security Icon.

Step Five:

My Network Icon has been changed, but to finalize the process, the OK button must be clicked.

Step Six:

I've navigated to my computer's desktop and as you can see, my Network Icon has been changed.

Last Step:

In the event you want to restore the Network Icon as per It's original state, go back to the Desktop Icon Settings (Step Three above), and hit Restore Default. I've done exactly that, and my Network Icon Is back to normal. Don't forget to click OK for the change to take effect.

Final Thoughts:

There are many third-party Icon changers that do the job with a click of the mouse, but there's no need to download and Install anything, when It can easily be done natively within Windows 10. Unlike the time taken to write this tutorial, the entire process to change the Network Icon, only takes around 30 seconds. And you can reverse the change, just as easy as It Is to apply.


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