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How To Clear File Explorer & Run Menu History

Every time you physically type a directory In the address bar of File Explorer with the Intention to access It thereafter, Windows automatically saves It for future reference. The same applies when you enter specific keywords In the Run menu to execute tools, programs and applications. If you're sharing your PC with multiple users, you may wish to delete every entry, hence In this tutorial, I will show you how to clear the File Explorer & Run Menu History.

Before I begin, here's what I'm referring to. Upon navigating to File Explorer and hitting the drop-down menu In the address bar, a list of entries that I physically typed, are displayed as shown below.

Similarly, the Run menu displays the commands and keywords that were previously entered In It's Input field.

So what's the big deal about the saved history you ask? Well, that depends on the nature of your computing environment. For example, If you've entered Identifiable keywords that're relative to sensitive files and folders, users who are sharing your PC can view the names with a click of the mouse- regardless If you've removed them from your computer.

As such, I will demonstrate how to clear both the File Explorer and Run menu history with Incredible ease. So without further ado, let's rip Into this tutorial.

Step One:

In terms of File Explorer per se, the process Is very easy. Simply right-click This PC In the address bar, and select Delete history as Illustrated below. This will not affect the history stored In the Run menu.

Step Two:

To clear the history In both File Explorer and the Run menu, open File Explorer and click on the View tab, and then hit Options.

Step Three:

Then simply hit Clear and to finalize the process, click the OK button. The history will now be cleared In File Explorer and the Run menu. I'll make sure It's taken effect In the next couple of steps.

Step Four:

Upon hitting the arrow In the drop-down menu, as you can see, the history In File Explorer has been deleted.

Last Step:

As expected, the same result has taken effect In the drop-down menu of the Run menu.

Final Thoughts:

The good thing about this, Is that you can choose to delete only the history stored In File Explorer (without having an Impact on the Run menu), or simply clear the lot. As mentioned toward the beginning of this article, If you've navigated to directories containing sensitive files by typing their respective file names In the address bar of File Explorer, anyone who's sharing your PC can view the history. As a result, be sure to make It a habit to periodically clear It.


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