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How To Troubleshoot Your PC's Power Settings

Upon purchasing your computer with the Windows OS Installed, by default, It's power plan setting Is set to Balanced. Depending on the manufacturer, the hibernate and sleep modes are also configured to turn off at certain Intervals. You can also create a plan of your own, based on your computing usability. Power plan settings can corrupt at the best of times, hence In this tutorial, I will show you how to troubleshoot your PC's power settings natively within Windows.

Before I begin, here's what I'm referring to. Open the Windows Settings and click on System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings, and the Power Options window will open as per the Image below.

You can select & configure any one of these power plans to turn off the display, sleep and hibernate as you please. For one reason or another, these settings can fail to serve their purpose. For Instance, I've personally experienced my computer to hibernate for no apparent reason. Moreover, the sleep functionality failed to take effect right after Installing a Windows Update.

As such, I will demonstrate how to troubleshoot Issues with your PC's power settings, by using the Windows built-In Troubleshooting utility. The process Is extremely simple, quick and can prove to be quite effective. So without further delay, let's rip Into this tutorial.

Step One:

To access the Troubleshooting utility, open the Search bar, enter troubleshooting, and click on the search result at the top as shown below.

Step Two:

Next, to the left of the window, click on the View all link.

Step Three:

The Troubleshooting utility will now open. Scroll down and locate Power, right-click It and hit Run as administrator.

Step Four:

It's now time to check your PC's Power Settings. Hit Next to move forward.

Step Five:

The utility will now begin to troubleshoot the power settings, so be patient whilst It performs It's task..

Step Six:

If any problems are found, It will attempt to automatically fix them. As you can see In my case, It's detected an Issue with the sleep setting, hence fixed It there and then. If you're not satisfied with the result, click on Explore additional options.

Last Step:

You can choose to get help from the Windows Communities, Help and Support and more.

Final Thoughts:

Although this seems like a lengthy process, It only takes a few minutes to complete- regardless of the hardware specs Installed In your PC. As with all tools of similar nature, It may not detect & fix each and every Issue, but It's certainly worth giving It a shot.


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