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Block Any Program From Executing On Your PC

Regardless of the tasks you perform on your computer, If you're after a particular program or application to fulfill your needs, It's simply a matter of locating It either on the net, or an app on your PC that's packaged by the manufacturer. It's all well and good for your very own usage, but If you have multiple users sharing your computer, you may wish to restrict access to a given program. As such, In this tutorial, I will show you how to block any program from executing on your PC.

There are many reasons why you'd want to restrict users from accessing your programs. For Instance, If you have an array of applications that you've Installed on your PC and utilize a few for storing personal Information, you'd certainly want to prevent unauthorized access- either remotely, or anyone who's sharing your device. Or perhaps you don't want your children using certain programs In your absence.

Whatever the reason may be, I will demonstrate how to block any program from executing, by using a neat little tool named AskAdmin, that can be downloaded from the official website, or via this reputable source. Once you've added the program to the tool, It will stop It there and then, without any chance of launching. It's extremely easy to use, so let's see how It's achieved by ripping Into this tutorial.

Step One:

Once you've downloaded AskAdmin, It does not need to be Installed on your computer. Double-click the executable file, and accept the license agreement by hitting the Agree button as shown below.

Step Two:

The tool will now execute, so you need to add the program that you wish to block, by clicking the Add File to the Block List button.

Step Three:

Next, navigate to the program's Installation directory and select It's executable file. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will block Internet Explorer, by selecting the iexplore.exe file. Of course, you can add as many programs as you like. When you've made your choice, click Open.

Step Four:

As you can see, Internet Explorer has been added to the tool and Is now blocked from being accessed by all users. Let's test It In the next step.

Step Five:

Upon double-clicking Internet Explorer, an error message has been returned, which Is exactly the result I was after. Essentially, It cannot be launched.

Step Six:

To reverse the change and allow the program to be accessed, simply uncheck It's respective checkbox as arrowed below.

Last Step:

The tool allows you to also block other apps and services, by clicking the Extras tab and making your choice thereafter.

Final Thoughts:

Although AskAdmin Is licensed as a Demo (Trial) version, the only restriction during my tests, Is the option to set a password- you need to purchase a key to do this. That said, there's no need to spend a single penny. Given It's a portable app, once you've blocked your program(s) and closed the tool, the settings are still In effect, which Is just as good (If not better) than setting a password. Simply take It with you on a USB Stick, and only you have access to It.

Do remember that you can add multiple programs that you wish to block In the very same session, by referring to Step Two above.


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