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How To Crack The Master Password In Firefox

If you've created an online account via Firefox and logged In thereafter, the browser will prompt to save your user credentials Into It's built-In Password Manager. When you've allowed this, there's no need to enter your username & password with subsequent logins, the Password Manager does It for you. Setting a Master Password, prevents other users from viewing your login details but If you've forgotten It, In this tutorial, I will show you how to crack a Firefox Master Password.

If you have multiple users using your computer and you haven't set a Master Password In Firefox Itself, there's nothing stopping anyone from navigating to the Privacy & Security settings, and viewing your login credentials thereafter.

On the other hand, If you've set a Master Password and forgotten It or for whatever reason It may be, wish to obtain It from another PC, I will demonstrate how to crack It. The tool I'll be using to achieve this, Is named FireMasterCracker, which can be downloaded from the official website, or via this reputable source.

To use the tool, you will also need a dictionary list (aka, wordlist) that contains thousands of password entries- consisting of commonly used, easy to guess and also based on complexity. You can obtain a dictionary list by simply searching online, or create one of your own by using a tool named Crunch.

FireMasterCracker, Is extremely quick during It's cracking process. It checks anywhere between 2,500 to 3,000 passwords per second! Okay, enough talk, let's get this tutorial started.

Step One:

Before I demonstrate how to crack the Master Password, I will show you how to create It. Open Firefox, hit the Menu button (top right) and then click on Options as shown below.

Step Two:

Next, scroll down and click on Privacy & Security and to the right of that, select the Use a master password checkbox.

Step Three:

Now enter your password, re-enter It, and then hit OK to finalize the process.

Step Four:

A message of Master Password successfully changed will be returned, so click OK to finish.

Step Five:

It's now time to crack the Master Password. Once you've downloaded FireMasterCracker, It must be Installed on your computer. Simply execute It and click on Next.

Step Six:

Follow the onscreen prompts until completion, and the tool will execute as per the Image below. In the Password Dictionary File field, browse the directory of your dictionary/word list, and hit Start Crack.

Step Seven:

The tool will now begin to crack the Master Password, so be patient whilst It performs It's task. The duration depends on the capacity of your wordlist.

Last Step:

As you can see In my case, the Master Password has been successfully cracked. I can now view all the saved logins (usernames & passwords), In the Privacy & Security section of Firefox.

Final Thoughts:

As with every tool of this nature, It's success rate significantly depends on the complexity of the password It's cracking at the time. For Instance, If It's 12 characters In length, consisting of upper & lower case letters, numbers and special characters without any form of consistency, It will take a very long time to crack.

On the other hand, the majority of users have commonly used and easy to guess passwords, so provided your wordlist Is generated as such, the process Is extremely quick.


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