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Force Programs To Always Start In Sandboxie

Even though you may take every precautionary measure during your online travels, Inclusive of downloading applications only from trusted sources, there's no guarantee that your computer will not be Infected with a virus. To help ensure It remains malicious-free, It's good practice to always run applications In a controlled environment. As such, In this tutorial, I will show you how to force programs to always start In Sandboxie.

So what exactly Is Sandboxie? Simply put, It's a piece of software that runs programs In It's own virtual Isolated environment- similar to how a Virtual Machine operates. In other words, once a program Is added to Sandboxie, It will remain there without affecting your computer. For Instance, If It's Infected with malware, It will be contained within the Sandbox.

There are quite a number of different types of sandbox applications, and the most common Is accordingly named Sandboxie that can be downloaded from the official website, or via this reputable source.

It's Installed on your computer just like any other software, and just about any program or tool can be added to It, by dragging and dropping It. After that, the program will execute there, and not on your PC.

You can also navigate safely online, by adding your web browser In the Isolated environment, but what If you keep forgetting to do so? Well, I will demonstrate how to always run programs In Sandboxie, regardless of whether you remember or not. So without further delay, let's get this tutorial started.

Step One:

Once you've downloaded Sandboxie, It must be Installed on your computer. The process Is straightforward, so once It completes, execute It and you'll see It's main Interface as per the Image below.

Step Two:

We'll now add a program to It, with the objective of always running In Sandboxie, no matter where It's executed on your computer. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be adding my Internet Explorer web browser. Click on the Sandbox tab > DefaultBox, and then Sandbox Settings.

Step Three:

Then on the left pane, select Forced Programs, and then hit the Add Program button.

Step Four:

Next, simply click on the Open/Select File button as Illustrated below.

Step Five:

Now navigate to the Installation directory of the program that you want to always run In Sandboxie. In my case, It's the Internet Explorer executable file, namely iexplore.exe found In Program Files (x86). When you've made your selection, hit Open.

Step Six:

My iexplorer.exe file has been added to Sandboxie, so when you see your program In the list, hit OK to finalize the process. From this point forward, the program will always run In the Sandbox environment. Let's test Internet Explorer In the next step.

Step Seven:

I've double-clicked Internet Explorer and as you can see, It's executed In Sandboxie. How do I know this? It's Identified by the yellow border around the outer window. I'll confirm It In the next step.

Step Eight:

Upon navigating back to Sandboxie, as you can see, Internet Explorer and It's respective dependencies are listed, which concludes that It's running within the sandbox.

Last Step:

If you want to reverse the change and have your program operating as per It's normal state, refer to Step Three above by selecting your program and clicking on Remove. Then hit OK for the change to take effect.

Final Thoughts:

Regardless of your Intentions when executing programs from unknown sources or otherwise, It's crucial to do It In a controlled environment, obviously via Sandboxie. The same applies when navigating online with your favorite web browser, and visiting websites that you're not entirely sure of.

We're all human and forgetful at times, hence forcing a program to start In Sandboxie, ensures It will do exactly that- each and every time. Be sure to make It a part of your security toolbox. It's totally free of cost, so there's no excuse not to.


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