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Encrypt Your Keystrokes & Prevent Being Logged

No matter what type of protection you have Installed on your computer, such as an up-to-date premium antivirus software and the same with an anti-malware, It will not stop a malicious user from Installing a keylogger and recording every keystroke you type. This applies to both programs you use on your PC, and online activity. In this tutorial, I will show you how to encrypt your keystrokes, thus prevent them from being logged.

Just because you've Installed the best antivirus software on the market, such as Avira, Avast, Kaspersky or Norton and have It's virus definitions updated, by no means Is this an Indication that your computer Is safe from what's called a keylogger.

For Instance, I can code a keylogger right this minute by making It FUD (Fully Undetectable), and Install It on your computer via an Innocent-looking link that you clicked In an email message I sent you. This will definitely bypass any antivirus software you have Installed, and begin logging every keystroke you type. It will then send the log file to (for example) my nominated email address. If you logged Into Facebook at the time by entering a username & password, the keylogger would've logged your credentials. Say goodbye to your account!

Sounds pretty scary, yes? I certainly agree. The alarming part Is, It's all done In the background without any Indication whatsoever. As a result, I will demonstrate how to encrypt your keystrokes, hence prevent them from being logged, by using a very powerful software named KeyScrambler.

Essentially, everything you type will be encrypted on the fly, that Is, In real time- there and then. For your benefit, I have provided the download links at the end of this article, for KeyScrambler Professional Edition, Inclusive of the license details. So without further ado, let's get this tutorial started.

Step One:
Once you've downloaded the KeyScrambler software, execute the setup file, and click Next to begin the Installation process.

Step Two:
You must accept the license agreement to move forward, so hit I Agree.

Step Three:
Now simply hit the Install button as arrowed below.

Step Four:
It will now prompt to enter an email address and product key. I have provided the credentials, In the download file. Enter each one In It's respective Input field, and click OK.

Step Five:
After around 5-10 seconds of verifying the details, It will return a message as outlined In red below. This means that KeyScrambler Professional has been successfully registered. Hit OK to move forward.

Step Six:
A reboot Is required to complete the Installation, so click the Reboot now radio button and hit Finish.

Step Seven:
KeyScrambler Is now fully Installed. I'll test It, by navigating to Google via my Firefox browser. I've entered Windows 10 Tips In the search field and as you can see at the top, my keystrokes are encrypted. If my PC was Infected with a keylogger, It will read the encrypted text, and not what I've physically typed.

Step Eight:
Now to test It locally within the Windows environment. I've executed Notepad, typed a few words and again, my keystrokes are encrypted by KeyScrambler. 

Step Nine:
One of the most Important aspects, Is the security of account logins. To test this, I've navigated to Facebook and entered the login credentials. As expected, the encryption kicked In, hence protected my sensitive data from being keylogged.

Step Ten:
To enable and disable KeyScrambler, open It's settings and select the General tab. The default hotkeys are Ctrl + Shift + K. You can specify your own If you like.

Last Step:
Under Display, you can select where you'd like the encryption bar located. The default setting Is at the top left of the window.

Final Thoughts:
Regardless of your computing habits, I strongly recommend having KeyScrambler enabled at all times. Even If you don't physically enter your login credentials by allowing your browser's password manager remember me feature automatically do It for you, there's always some element of sensitive Information typed. It costs absolutely nothing to keep It active, but can cost you dearly should your account(s) be compromised.

Use any of the links below to download KeyScrambler Professional.

Direct Link Mega:
Download Now
Direct Link AnonFiles:
Download Now
Direct Link Mediafire:
Download Now
Direct Link Solidfiles:
Download Now
Direct Link Sabercathost:
Download Now
Direct Link Uploadfiles:
Download Now


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