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Browse Safely Online With Avast Bank Mode

It doesn't matter what type of computing everyone performs on a daily basis, there will always be some element of sensitive account logins every now and then, and online banking, Is certainly part of this equation. The Internet comes packed with all types of malicious content, hence you never know for sure If and when your PC will be compromised. In this tutorial, I will show you how to secure your sensitive online navigation, with Avast Bank Mode.

Whilst this predominantly Is used when performing online banking transactions, It also relates to any sensitive account logins, such as accessing your emails, logging Into your eBay account and the list goes on.

So what exactly Is Avast Bank Mode? Simply put, It's a security & privacy feature that's part of Avast Secure Browser and once It's enabled, It opens a browser session and creates a virtual Isolated environment- away from the computer on which It's Installed on. Essentially, If your PC Is Infected with (for example) a keylogger, It will not affect the Avast Bank Mode session. It's similar to how a virtual machine and a sandbox environment operate.

Even tasks that you perform on your computer, will not enter Avast Bank Mode. In order to use It, you must have an Avast Antivirus Installed and the Avast Secure Browser. You can then enable Avast Bank Mode via the browser.

In the following article, I will provide a detailed tutorial on how to enable and use Avast Bank Mode, Inclusive of It's effectiveness In Isolating external attempts to access It. So without further delay, let's get this started.

Step One:
Once you've downloaded and Installed both Avast Secure Browser and an Avast Antivirus software, open the browser and click on the Avast Icon at the top right.

Step Two:
Next, locate Bank Mode and click the Open button as arrowed below.

Step Three:
The browser will now execute In Bank Mode, and operate In It's own virtual Isolated environment. Here's what to expect as per my example below. Bank Mode will always be displayed, at the bottom of the browser window.

Step Four:
To demonstrate how effective It Is, I've pressed the PrtSc (Print Screen) key on my keyboard, exited Bank Mode, and then navigated back to my computer. Upon trying to paste the screenshot Into MS Paint, an error message was returned. That's because what I did In Bank Mode (Print Screen), remained In that Isolated environment.

Step Five:
To allow taking screenshots In Bank Mode, I need to add the MS Paint executable file, by first clicking on the button as Illustrated below. This also applies to any .exe file.

Step Six:
It will now prompt to Pin the application, so simply click Add.

Step Seven:
MS Paint has been successfully added, and Is now permitted to function within the Bank Mode environment. Of course, you can do the same with any executable file.

Step Eight:
To remove It, or any application that you've added, simply right-click It and select Unpin this program from the taskbar.

Step Nine:
To automatically open websites In Bank Mode, click on the Advanced settings link as shown below.

Step Ten:
Then click Add, and enter the website that you want to always open In Bank Mode.

Step Eleven:
For the purpose of this tutorial, I've added This means that from this point onward, It will always open In Bank Mode when using the Avast browser. Let's test It out In the next step.

Step Twelve:
I've now navigated to, as I normally would via my Avast browser and as you can see, It's automatically opened In Bank Mode. Every transaction I perform, will remain In that Isolated environment, thus If my computer has been Infected by a keylogger, It cannot grab my sensitive credentials from Bank Mode.

Step Thirteen:
To switch from the Bank Mode environment to your computer and vice versa, Is really quite simple. Whilst In Bank Mode, click on the Switch back button, and this will take you back to your PC.

Last Step:
To go back to Bank Mode, hit that very button, namely Bank Mode.

Final Thoughts:
If you're the type of user who performs sensitive online transactions, regardless of frequency, I strongly recommend using Avast Bank Mode each and every time. You don't know when your computer may be compromised by a keylogger, RAT (Remote Administration Tool) or stealer, and If It does happen, say goodbye to your savings.

As mentioned, this Is not only dedicated to online banking, but also all types of critical account logins. So be sure to put It Into effect- It only takes a couple of mouse clicks, so there's no excuse not to.


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