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Fix The Start Menu With The Troubleshooter Tool

The Windows operating system, has significantly Improved over the years to where It stands today at Windows 10, but by no means Is It an Indication that It's not susceptible to losing functionality. The Windows 10 "Start menu", Is certainly prone to malfunction, with the majority of times for no apparent reason. As such, In this tutorial, I will Introduce the Start menu troubleshooter tool to help fix any underlying Issues.

A good move by Microsoft, was to release a tool named Start menu troubleshooter, whereby as It's name Implies, attempts to troubleshoot Start menu Issues that are consistent with abnormal behavior. My question Is, why did Microsoft Introduce this tool? If all Is going well with the Start menu, there'd be no need for It, correct? I'll let you be the judge of that.

Whatever the reason, It's good to know there's help at hand. The good thing about the tool, Is that there's no need to Install It, hence no changes are made to your PC. I have provided the download links for the tool, at the end of this article. So let's get this tutorial started.

Step One:
Once you've downloaded the tool, execute It, and It will Immediately go to work. Hit Next to move forward with the troubleshooting process.

Step Two:
The tool will now scan the Start menu and It's associated components, so be patient whilst It performs It's task.

Step Three:
In my case, the Start menu was functioning perfectly, thus no errors were detected. If Issues are present, click the View detailed Information link as arrowed.

Last Step:
This provides detailed reports of the potential Issues that were checked. If you've experienced Irregularities. It's well worth clicking the links to view the reports.

Final Thoughts:
The Start menu troubleshooter tool Is simple, yet can prove to be quite effective In diagnosing potential Issues. Even If there's no Immediate fix with problematic Start menu functionalities, as per Step Three above, be sure to click the View detailed Information link. It may contain some useful Information that will eventually result In bringing the Start menu back to normality.

Use any of the links below to download the tool.

Direct Link Mega:
Download Now
Direct Link AnonFiles:
Download Now
Direct Link Mediafire:
Download Now
Direct Link Solidfiles:
Download Now
Direct Link Sabercathost:
Download Now
Direct Link Upload Files:
Download Now


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