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Add The Windows 7 Task Manager To Windows 10

Windows 10, Is certainly packaged with quite a few changes In It's overall appearance compared to previous versions, such as Windows 7. A somewhat significant change, Is the new look Task Manager- with every tab representing It's details In It's own unique style. However, this Is not to every user's liking, so In this tutorial, I will show you how to add the "Windows 7 Task Manger" to your Windows 10 operating system.

Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved natively within the Windows environment. I've extensively researched a method through trial and error via the Windows Registry, to no avail. But what I did happen to locate, was a neat little tool that does the job with Incredible ease.

All that's required on your part, Is to Install the tool and on completion, the Windows 7 Task Manager will Immediately take effect. I've provided the download links for the tool, at the end of this article. So let's rip Into this tutorial.

Step One:
After downloading the tool, execute the setup file and the following screen will be displayed. Simply hit Next to start the Installation process.

Step Two:
After a couple of prompts, It's now ready to Install the Windows 7 Task Manager, so hit Install as arrowed below.

Step Three:
Once the Installation completes, be sure to click the Run Classic Task Manager checkbox, and then hit Finish to finalize the process.

Step Four:
Let's do a comparison. This Is the native Windows 10 Task Manager.

Last Step:
And here's the Windows 7 Task Manager, just after the tool has completed the Installation process. It's completely taken over the Windows 10 Task Manager, hence only this Is accessible.

Final Thoughts:
Thanks to the simplicity of a third-party tool, the Windows 7 Task Manager can be Installed with Incredible ease. It's compatible with all editions of Windows 10, so you will not encounter any Issues. But what If you want the Windows 10 Task Manager back? Simply uninstall the tool, by navigating to Control Panel > Uninstall a program.

Use any of the below links to download the Windows 7 Task Manager tool.

Direct Link Mega:
Download Now
Direct Link AnonFiles:
Download Now
Direct Link Mediafire:
Download Now
Direct Link Solidfiles:
Download Now
Direct Link Sabercathost:
Download Now
Direct Link Uploadfiles:
Download Now


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