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Turn Off Battery Usage By Apps

If you own a laptop and carry It around from one place to the next, obviously you'll need to maximize the duration of the battery. You may find that on some occasions, the battery dies quickly whilst It's just sitting there In Idle mode. That's because every program or app that's running In the background, consumes power- In this case, your "battery". Well, you can control exactly which apps can run In the background, and I'll show you how It's done.

Hidden In the PC Settings feature on Windows 10, Is the "Battery usage by app", which displays actively running apps and the amount of resources they're consuming. What we're Interested In here, Is to disable apps that are affecting the life of your laptop's battery. The process Is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse, so without further delay, let's see how It's done.

Step One:
Open the Search bar, enter "settings" (no quotes) and click on the "Settings App" at the top.

Step Two:
In the search bar at the top, enter "battery" (again without quotes), and select "See which apps are affecting your battery life".

Step Three:
You will now see a list of apps actively running, as well as their consumption of your system's resources.

Step Four:
For the purpose of this guide, I've decided not to allow "Cortana" to run In the background, by selecting the "Never allowed In background" radio button.

Last Step:
After simply clicking on any other app, as you can see, the change has taken effect as arrowed.

Final Thoughts:
You can pick and choose as many apps as you wish, and disable them from running In the background. The more you select, the better your battery life will be. If only Microsoft made this feature easily accessible (and noticeable), I wouldn't have the need to document this guide. That aside, you're now aware of this feature, so use It as needed to make the most out of your laptop's battery.


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