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How To Change Any Drive Icon

Whether It be the main hard disk, a partition or a removable device Icon, I'd say It's safe to assume that you'll agree It's pretty boring at It's default state. Windows does not (and never did) have a native feature to change the appearance of a given drive Icon, but by no means does It prevent you from doing so. If you're like myself and wish to change It to something more appealing, then you've come to the right place.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to change any drive Icon manually, without the aid of third-party tools. Sure, It's a lot easier using a tool with just a click of the mouse, but you're never 100% certain that It'll serve It's purpose as Intended.

The process In this article, Is performed via the Windows Registry and does Involve quite a few steps but If you follow It correctly, rest assured, It will work without any Issues whatsoever. So let's begin this tutorial.

Step One:
To access the Registry, open the Run menu, enter "regedit" (no quotes) and then hit "OK".

Step Two:
Next, navigate to the following directory:
" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\DriveIcons", and click on "DriveIcons".

Step Three:
Right-click the "DriveIcons" folder and select "New > Key" as shown below.

Step Four:
Now select the drive letter of the disk drive you wish to change. In my case, I'm going to change Local Disk C, so I've entered "C" (no quotes) Into the new key that was just created above. The drive letter must be capitalized.

Step Five:
Right-click the drive letter (In my case "C" as per above) and again select "New > Key" and name It "DefaultIcon" (no quotes). Then on the right pane, double-click "Default".

Step Six:
Place an Icon Image file with a .ico extension In a folder of your choice. This works best If placed In a Windows default directory. I've placed mine In the "Public Pictures" folder, which Is a USB flash drive Icon.

Now enter the full directory In the Value data field. Mine Is as follows WITH the quotes:
"C:\Users\Public\Public Pictures\USB.ico"
Then click OK.

Step Seven:
This Is what the Result will look like.

Last Step:
Now close every Windows Explorer window, and open It up again. After doing that, here's my new Local Disk C Icon. As expected, It's a USB flash drive Icon.

Final Thoughts:
As you've just experienced, there was quite a number of steps to achieve the end result, but the upside to this method (as opposed to automated tools), Is that you know exactly what's Involved. Remember that there's absolutely no rush, so If you take the time to follow my guide each step of the way, you cannot go wrong.


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